Save The Frogs Day, Volunteer Week, and Wetland Education

Join Us on April 28 for Save the Frogs Day in Pittsford

A Frog House is really excited about our Sixteenth Annual Save The Frogs Day (Pittsford’s Sixth) on April 28, this year conveniently falling on a Sunday.

We hope you will join us from 1 to 5 pm at 50 Mitchell Road, with our hosts Kara Kotwas and Mark Wochner who are providing space for our Lily Pad Cafe on their porch, biosphere diversity in their yard and bio-break facilities in their house.

No long talks this year, but we will have tables galore emphasizing the theme “Restoring Wetlands to Save The Frogs”


Start with Registration,  get your hand stamped for access to all of our activities.  

What You’ll Find

Then, we have no end of great activities, exhibits and information regarding A Frog House, SAVE THE FROGS!, Friends of the Village Arboretum, Genesee Valley Audobon Society/Color Pittsford Green, Rochester Ecology Partners/School Twelve Nature Based Learning, The Next Generation and You, Climate Change and Mental Health/Pachamama.  

Also, we are having four quiz-scavenger hunts, which you can find at the following tables: Frog Sounds and Karaoke (Frogs), Boy Scouts Troop #260 (Biosphere), Barefoot Permaculture (Native Plants) and A Frog House Science, Demonstration and Games (Wetlands).

Not to mention chalk drawings!

A graduate from John Bateman’s Finger Lakes Community College program will be leading Frog Tours to the wetlands and woods, and graduates from the University of Rochester chemistry program will be demonstrating water testing.  

Have fun posing for Phrog Photography, and enjoy froggy arts and crafts, including origami, painting fired ceramic pieces, and paper spring loaded puppet frogs.

Who You’ll Find

This was our team at our Gala on December 4 last year. You will see many of them on Sunday!

Our Save The Frogs Day Heroes on April 28 include Aashwin Katiyar, Bonnie Abrams, Carter Remy, Donna Richardson, Emma McBride, Iyanna Rogers, Jane McConnochie, Jet (Amanda) Meyer, Jonathan Cloud, Katherine Denison, Kristen Thornton, Kyra Stephenson, Liesl Gaesser, Lindsay Graham, Madeleine Ross, Patty Love, Payton Carroll, Robert Corby, Robin Blakesley, Ryan Neuberger, Sandra Kingston, Shaila Man, Steve Brauksieck, Surya Man, Thompson Marinho and Victoria Zelin-Cloud, remembering again our hosts Kara and Mark.  

Please get to know them; they all have so much to offer, and are  generously sharing information and time.

Remember, this is also National Volunteer Week, with the theme Celebrate Service – an opportunity to shine a light on the people and causes that inspire us to serve.

Wetlands in Pittsford Green Space Update

Margot Fass, Rob Corby and Tom Biebighauser at his presentation at Village Hall on April 18.

We had an extraordinarily successful two days with Thomas Biebighauser, wetland expert of 37 years and builder of over 3,000 wetlands. It was a privilege for me to walk around all of the morning of May 18 with former Mayor Robert Corby, Founder and President of Friends of the Arboretum, and Tom, because both men have so much rich knowledge that was mutually beneficial.

Special thanks to Village of Pittsford representatives Mayor Alysa Plummer, Clerk Dorothea Ciccarelli, and Deputy Clerk Alexandria Vaughn, for making the technical aspects of the presentation happen.

And to Mayor Plummer, Building Inspector  Steve Lauth, and Superintendent of Public Works Zack Bleier for coming out the next day to see some of the suggestions Tom had to make for placement of vernal ponds.

The good news is that Tom was very pleased with the current conditions of the wetlands in both the Village Arboretum and the Town Erie Canal Nature Preserve.

The other good news is that Tom has a lot of good ideas for placement of beautiful vernal ponds with surrounding wildflowers which will function to attract rarer species of frogs and salamanders, as well as insects such as dragonflies, that will keep the areas clear of mosquitos.  

Stay tuned for more photos and reports, especially for the announcement of Tom’s presenting his proposed plans to the Village Board.

Please Help


A Frog House, Friends of the Village Arboretum, and SAVE THE FROGS! with all the many volunteer hours, have made a considerable investment in each of you.

While we have kept our suggested donation low, we would ask you to be generous in view of all we have planned and are planning for our community, especially in the beautiful public biosphere called the Robert C. Corby Arboretum and Wildlife Sanctuary.  

Register for Save The Frogs Day

We could also use some more great volunteers, too.

And please consider making a donation to support our work.