Tangible Ways to Help the Frogs

If you are excited about helping frogs, but you know where to begin, A Frog House offers these suggestions.

In your home

  • Eat organic food, mostly vegetables and plants
  • If you eat meat, please avoid frogs legs
  • Responsibly dispose of unused medications. Flushing down the toilet is unsafe
  • Avoid personal care products containing plastic microbeads.
  • Avoid purchasing, transporting, or collecting wild amphibians or spawn, and if you have any, please don’t release them into the wild or into sewage

At school

  • Refuse to dissect frogs
  • Prepare your own powerpoint or paper on the importance of frogs
  • Plan an educational visit from A Frog House
  • Prepare for our 2nd annual Art and Poetry Contest

On your property

  • Maintain chemical free property (eg avoid unnatural pesticides and fertilizer free), including environmental estrogens
  • Reduce lawn area
  • Create a frog pond.
  • Create a rain or other garden, full of native plants
  • Eliminate or avoid non-native plants and animals (including fish)
  • Pick up pet waste
  • Conserve water
  • Leave your leaves on the ground, and native aquatic vegetation and dead wood near your pond.
  • Create a compost heap
  • Protect amphibians from pets.

Your environmental contribution

  • Don’t move spawn from one pond to another
  • Reduce your use of plastics and fossil fuels.
  • Watch what you throw away—and where you throw it away
  • Drive carefully, become a toad patroller
  • Join campaigns to stop frog and salamander trade.
  • Give the frogs some time
  • Look, listen, and learn: educate yourself and your family about amphibians
  • Visit an Association of Zoos and Aquariums
  • Report signs of disease
  • Support Conservation
  • Put your money where it counts.