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We're seeking volunteers for our COVID Safe Froggy Birthday Scavenger Hunt.

On August 9, 2020, A Frog House will be celebrating a Froggy Birthday Party––our biggest fundraiser of the year––with a mixed media scavenger hunt in Schoen Place and Northfield Commons.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and generosity in sharing your time. Let us know if you have particular skills you want to offer.


(There will be others! And of course we'd be delighted if you're interested in more than one!)

Preceding the Event

  • Preparing set-up materials, including signage, directions, map
  • Printing and organizing documents for presenters
  • Selecting (and later operating) AV equipment
  • Sorting and pricing objects and materials to sell
  • Planning activities for children while adults attend workshops
  • Select and pick up lunch, drinks and snacks

Early Preparations the Day of the Event

  • Set up tables, chairs, video screens, computer, etc
  • Organize snack area
  • Distribute printed materials
  • Greet presenters and help supply their needs
  • Prepare welcome table and materials
  • Support participating organizations

During the Symposium

  • Welcome participants, help with sign in
  • Explain materials and direct guests to their workshop
  • Answer guest questions and supply any missing materials
  • Support presenters: materials, water, errands, and communication with staff
  • Help with children's activities (experience and recommendation required)
  • Explore and explain regional maps
  • Present ways participants can join community efforts

After the Symposium

  • Knock down and clean up
Preferred Time Slot

Presenter Information

Dear Friend of the Environment

A Frog House is excited to announce a Nature Symposium on April 25 to celebrate Save The Frogs Day, Earth Day, and Arbor Day in Pittsford Village – a day-long event from 9 am through 3 pm.

We’re seeking leaders in the climate movement to participate in a panel discussion for adults and older youth about flora, fauna, and sustainability in a time of rapid extinctions due to climate change. Here are some possible topics, all modifiable to suit your skills and passions:

  • The contributions of NGOs such as Sierra Club to the importance of, threats to and rescue of frogs, raptors and other life forms
  • Sustainable proactive conservation the Native American way
  • The importance of native planting and removing invasive species
  • What we must do about climate and its effect on life
  • The essential role of environmental education for people of all ages
  • The interaction between social and environmental justice
  • Faith-based efforts to be good stewards of the earth
  • Zero waste management and consulting
  • Ecological design and gardening
  • Regenerative design, permaculture, and edible forest gardening
  • Nonviolent, compassionate communication as a component of environmental progress
  • Good bugs, bad bugs, and bees

Please let me know soon if you would like to contribute your expertise on any of these topics, how you would like to modify the subject, or if you have another proposal. Details about the day will be updated on, our website.

If you would like to contribute to my blog on that site, with a general synopsis of your content, approach, materials and expertise, I would welcome a few hundred words and a photo sent to

Thank you so much for your interest.

Honoring Life One Frog at a Time, Margot Fass

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