The tiniest house on the Erie Canal, supporting one of the earth’s tiniest creatures, needs your help to thrive. Financial support is beautiful (see the post below with contact information and rewards) and volunteer help is a treasure.

We need people to help raise funds, promote our cause, make events successful, offer activities, bake frog-themed delights, entertain, help with set-ups, and run errands. It’s fun and essential. More details below!

Thank you for all you do now and for all you will.

If you prefer to donate by check, please make it payable to “AFH Project Inc” and send to Margot Fass, 527 Linden Street, Rochester, NY 14620.

Where your money goes

Currently we are supported by and thrive on contributions of the founder and support from the frog-loving community. Here’s how.

  • Safe gardening and lawn practices to protect air, land and water
  • Protected undeveloped lands for mental and physical health of residents and visitors
  • Communication, negotiation, and problem-solving
Educational Events


  • Save the Frogs Day
  • Frog Scavenger Hunt in surrounding parks and preserves


  • Froggy Birthday Party
  • Frog Arts and Crafts


  • Froggy Water Tour


  • In-house classes on environmental and extinction issues for both children and adults
  • Presentations and teaching tools for classrooms and clubs
  • Symposiums and webinars
  • Tours of wetlands with biologists, environmentalists
  • Activists, advocates, biologists, environmentalists
  • Area supporters, including librarians and historians
  • Impact Earth
  • Rochester People‚Äôs Climate Coalition
  • Town and Village governments of Pittsford
  • Event materials, facility, food, handouts, signs and publicity
  • Expand hours for drop-in walkers and cyclists on the canal path
  • Facility, grounds, and garden maintenance
  • Family event expenses: materials, games, food, entertainers
  • Grant seeking and writing
  • Promotional and marketing materials, logo clothing, media packs