Their Many Gifts and Meanings

The transparency of glass frogs provides a gift to themselves as camouflage, but it’s a bother for predators who can’t see them.
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Is the wrapping or what’s inside most important?

In the case of the glass frog above, If you were looking at it from the bottom, you would actually be able to see the heart, liver and intestines. I can never get over the gift of seeing the inner perfection of this little miracle.

The transparency of glass frogs provides a gift to themselves as camouflage, but it’s a bother for predators who can’t see them.

Some people feel protected and more like themselves when covered rather than exposed. The gift of disguise helped this Frog Person become very outgoing and friendly.

His antics in turn were a great gift to a delighted five-year-old girl, thrilled with a talking frog.

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My friend had the gift of inspiration to dress up. This warmed my heart, so I naturally feature him and his pal, Winky, on these accidentally discovered, unpainted ornaments. They look like A Frog House, sort of. While not great works of art (or quite done), working on them gives me the gift of relaxing and having fun during my work week.

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Brightly colored frogs usually are poisonous, so their skin is a warning gift to predators to stay away from them. This is a gift to look alike frogs as well, who are left alone even if they aren’t actually inedible. These two blue dart frog likenesses in the form of 6″ x 6″ paintings might in themselves be great gifts.

IMG 1939

The background of each is from a photo I took at a wagon wheel factory in Costa Rica. Visiting this colorful artisan shop was an alternate gift to SAVE THE FROGS! travelers. The original plan was to go to Tortuguero, but the roads were closed due to a storm on the coast. Flexibility, resilience, survival against all odds, are among the valuable lesson gifts frogs have to give.

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Above all, if we retain the gifts of thanks, awe and wonder, and not give in to the demoralizing forces of greed and rage in our world, we are likely to have a happy life in spite of those factors.

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