Gratitude from A Frog House

Save the Frogs Day Nature Symposium Webinar Gratitude.

Saturday, April 25, 2020 at 10 am until 2 pm.

You can meet your fine, friendly line up of like-minded and extremely generous presenters more formally on our website page about the event. Then, pick the sessions you want to attend, register here and tune in at your preferred time(s). I am so grateful to each and every one of them, and you, our supporters. I am sure it will all be good!

Kit Miller embraces Non-Violent Communication and trained with founder Marshall Rosenberg. She has served as director of the MK Gahdhi Institute for Nonviolence since 2009.. Kit is kind and gentle, and as someone who has spoken to the United Nations, she is unselfishly donating time to our little local start-up 501(c)(3) A Frog House. Kit is the epitome of “thinking globally, acting locally AND globally”. 10:00 am
A student and practitioner of sustainability. Dr. Jackie Ebner realizes the potential for non-state actors to deliver meaningful action to reverse climate change.  Acknowledging the common conviction to care for the earth and its people, work together, leverage resources and coordinate efforts, faith communities can be a source of leadership in these challenging times. Hence: :Rochester Area Interfaith Climate Coalition.  10:30 am
Pat Wartinger is modest, so it is not surprising that there are no obvious images of her on the Pachamama Alliance Rochester Area Community array. This is unfortunate, because she has a lovely, almost continuous, and reassuring smile. She is experienced in conducting seminars, and all of us are eager to learn the meaning and scope of Drawdown. Clearly she loves the whole world and every living being in it. 11:00 am
Patty Love is both our director for the Save the Frogs Day Nature Symposium Webinar, and a presenter. She is the Project Manager and Lead Designer of Barefoot Edible Landscape and Permaculture as well as CEO and founder of Barefoot Business Consulting.The photo shows her at one of her achieving moments. Everything she touches turns to good rich earth and happy plants for eating or visually enjoying. 11:30 am
Robert Putney, Jr. is about the friendliest, most jovial and “givingest” “trash” person I have met. He has enlisted many in his worthy mission of zero waste Impact Earth, and is tireless in teaching organizations and schools about how to do just that. Partnered with Liz Carey, daughter Cassidy (Chicago branch) and many other family and friends, the Unicorn team is bringing magic into a situation daunting to most. 12 noon
A Frog House is now fully incorporated as a tax exempt 501(c)(3)!!. Love me or leave me, I’m not giving up. My love of frogs started with painting, but once I discovered Kerry Kriger, PhD, founder of SAVE THE FROGS!, my life has been taken hostage. Conservation of the tiny, beautiful and amazing keystone amphibians is a requisite to environmental conservation. “Bring your own lunch”   12:30 pm
Our family is watching The Crown on weekends, and when I pulled up the Hon. Sandra Frankel’s photo, I thought, “She reminds me of Queen Elizabeth.” Dignified. Gentle. Knowledgeable. Powerful. And we are lucky enough to have her, with all her influence (eg inviting Obama to come to Rochester) as a key speaker. It was one of those things about meeting people when you just connect. She also is an excellent photographer. 1 pm
The best leaders are servants, and here is a quintessential photo of a truly happy Town Supervisor Bill Smith serving Yorkshire pudding. Bill has blessed A Frog House with his presence at our freezing cold sleety first annual Save the Frogs Day and  Froggie Birthday Party, with a proclamation and commendation respectively. Most important, he has been transforming dissecting ponds into a fine habitat for the tiny frog. 1:30 pm
What more would one want from a Village Mayor than someone who laughs at your jokes? That is my number one criteria for friendship. Robert Corby is funny, brilliant, understanding, tall and handsome, an expert in history, architecture, geology of natural parks.  He will teach anyone interested more than could possibly be remembered. Watch his virtual tour of the Northeast Quadrant, how it was, is and will be  2:00 pm

Save the Frogs Day Nature Symposium Webinar

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