On getting around and being where you would like to be

Painting of a frog and a cricket amidst leaves and flowers at night

Study_in_Pink2Yesterday Rochester experienced just some of the storm that hit the northeast. Between 7:45 am, when I went out, until 11 pm, when I returned, our world was transformed. In the morning, the sidewalks and streets were bare, except for treacherously icy stretches and spots. That night, everything was covered with snow; heaps and heaps of it in the parking lots and street side.

Husband Martin wondered why I was going out that morning, but I told him I wasn’t planning on being daunted in my quest to get to the studio, which has been too rare an opportunity since Froggy Family’s First Frolic came out in early September. These newborn books require scads of attention.

My first stop was to meet for a few minutes of planning with the English Language Arts teachers at School 35, where I was invited to work with approximately 60 third graders on the subject of Frogs, their current core curriculum topic. Then on to my nearly everyday morning trip to the Monroe YMCA.

After Yoga, I was settled in the Hungerford Building by 10:30. The usual morning open studio with model that Suzi Zefting Kuhn hosts in her Main Street Artists (MSA) space had been cancelled because of the weather. It was quiet, it was productive, it was grand. There was only one short interruption from a fellow member of MSA, and two brief visits from a Rochester Art Club person foraging for food for herself and her friend.

In the 12 hours remaining, I had the two meals I had brought for myself, an hour nap, and making progress on the painting below. Another 12 hours would be a sure finish.

What you ask, have lotuses and guns and women in pink fantastic settings have to do with frogs? If you have any thoughts on the question, please feel free to contact me. Tune in next time for an exciting answer and continuation of this theme.