Education and enjoyment abound at A Frog House!

Education and enjoyment abound at A Frog House!
At A Frog House, our magical house on the Erie Canal, we teach visitors of all ages about frogs and their role as bio-indicators within our global environment. Join us to learn about ecology and enjoy frog fun with toys, books, and special educational events. Learn how to create a frog-friendly habitat in your own backyard to provide seasonal protection for local frogs, and enjoy colorful frog artwork.

Your contribution to A Frog House helps with:

• Alliances with like-minded environmental organizations
• Annual International Save the Frogs Day in Pittsford, NY
• Education
• Events with frog-related games, art, music, and literature
• Frog identification by sight, calls, habits, and habitat
• Presentations on- and off-site
• Regional satellite program
Social media presence
• Wetland preservation
• Wetland walks
• Work with town and village leadership

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