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Plant Trees with A Frog House to Rehab Habitat and Capture Carbon!

The Eastern white pine (Pinus strobus) is the tallest conifer native to the North East. These majestic trees provide food and shelter for numerous birds and mammals, from warblers to owls, and red squirrels to black bears. An essential part of mixed conifer forests, white pines help provide critical habitat for tree frogs, toads, and newts. Known as the Tree of Peace by the Haudenosaunee, these giant trees once dominated the landscape, but centuries of logging have all but removed them from Western New York.

With the support of the Town of Pittsford we plan to plant 10 Eastern white pine saplings (donated by Scout Troop 260 and nursed at A Frog House) in the Deblase Open Space where they will enjoy sunshine and well-drained soil. We will protect them from hungry deer as they grow with tree cages.

This is a perfect opportunity for scouts to begin to earn a Forestry Merit Badge | Boy Scouts of America (scouting.org and Girl Scouts Gold Award.

A Frog House is doing this project in conjunction with Dr Jane Coggshall McConnochie, and is included in the entire six week course called the Wildlife Wednesdays Habitat Restoration Class if you register for that.

For the one time event only, please sign up here. You will need work gloves and water. There are no restroom facilities, so plan accordingly.

We will meet at the Deblase trailhead off Sugarbush Lane in Pittsford at 4:30pm, with work gloves and water


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