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Fifteenth Annual Save the Frogs Day (Fifth Pittsford) on May 7!

Surprise Venue! Great Family and Group event. All Ages Welcome.

Save The Frogs Day is a world wide celebration started by SAVE THE FROGS! founder Kerry Kriger.  It focuses on raising awareness about the critical role of frogs in our ecosystem and the threats they face. Hosted by A Frog House, this event brings together local residents, environmental enthusiasts, and conservationists of all ages to celebrate the beauty and importance of these amphibians. This event is an excellent opportunity to learn about the importance of frog conservation and how we can all play a role in protecting these amazing creatures. Kara Kotwas and Mark Wochner have kindly offered to host A Frog House for our fifth annual Save The Frogs Day at 50 Mitchell Road in Pittsford. Their ample private property is ideal for a gathering of this sort to meet and greet, network, and plan future projects.

Green frog in a pot at 65 State Street. Photo credit A Frog House team.

Surprise Adventures!

Visit nearly 8 acres with a landscaped area and predominant wetland and forest for interaction and participation  around the topics of local frogs, wetlands, forests, and bioregional regeneration.

Identify some frogs by sight and sound on the property, as well as native and invasive plants, shrubs and trees.

Have fun learning, play environmental games, take part in an educational scavenger hunt, and gather in groups for a discussion about what you have learned and what you would like to do to make the world a better place in your own niche, no matter the size.

Complete Boy and Girl Scout activities for to work on amphibian, forestry and other conservation badges and merit awards on that day.

Families are asked to supervise their own children.

John Bateman in the Field. Photo credit Brockport College facebook page

Surprise Guest Speaker!

John Bateman taught at Brockport College Department of Environment and Ecology until 2018, when he accepted a tenure track position at Finger Lakes Community College.

He also served as a research scientist on Doug Wilcox’s Coastal Wetland Monitoring project, initiates the bucket brigade for salamanders and other amphibians, speaks often (most recently at the Burroughs Audubon society about frogs, and coming up, at the Sandra L. Frankel Brickyard Trail, on May 6.

He has enough energy to come to our event on May 7, and might even bring his grown kids, who have been “frogaphiles” since they could toddle.

Also speaking are Mark Wochner about responsible land ownership, Robert C. Corby, former mayor of Pittsford Village, about local conservation efforts, and a word or two from A Frog House Founder, Margot Fass

Suzanne Thompson and her pup with Annika  Save The Frogs Day, May 1, 2022 Photo Credit Lindsay Graham

Schedule of Events

1:00 – 4:30 pm  Entrance of the general public, browsing of our informational and sales tables, snacks
1:15 pm A few words about A Frog House and Save The Frogs Day.  Introduction of our board, team, speakers, sponsors. and community leaders.
1:30 pm  Welcome by Kara and Mark Wochner, private conservation efforts.
1:45 pm  Robert Corby on local conservation efforts
2:00 pm  Frog presentation by Mr. Bateman
2:45 pm  Organization of “discovery groups” to walk the property, find and identify frogs, native trees and shrubs, plants, pull easy invasive plants such as garlic mustard, take photos, participate in scavenger hunt. learn information, play games, make crafts, and meet great people
3:45 pm  Regroup and share discoveries with a circle discussion of the ideas people have had about what each would like to do next for conservation.
A Frog House is grateful that this event is being partially funded with a SAVE THE FROGS! small grant in the amount of $370. As there is time, effort and money involved in putting on these activities for our community, we would appreciate any donation from our guests, large or small ($10 suggested, and certainly free for those in need).
There will be a follow-up garden party DTBD for adults interested in conservation efforts as most of our environmental leaders are, by circumstances beyond our control, at a major environmental summit at the same time and the same day.
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