Blog Photo Journal of our 16th Annual (Pittsford’s 6th Annual) Save The Frogs Day

Welcome to 50 Mitchell Road, with thanks to our hosts, Kara Kotwas and Mark Wochner. All photo credits, unless otherwise noted, go to official A Frog House (AFH) photographer Jennifer Patterson Kelly.

Prepare for a sequential journey through AFH Save The Frogs Day tables and activities, exactly as they were set up.

While we wish you could’ve joined us in person, we’re excited to share our plans for next year. Stay tuned for details on our upcoming project: building vernal ponds in the Village of Pittsford!

Registration Table

Our first stop is the registration table, where you’ll find AFH Treasurer and Board Member, Cathleen Brauen, alongside Volunteer Surya Man, and our newest froggy enthusiast!

Water Testing Station

Next up, swing by our water testing station, managed by Volunteers Thompson Marinho and Ryan Neuberger (not pictured).

Wetlands Exploration

At the following table, sign up for visits to our onsite wetlands. Among our guests were members of Girl Scout Troop 60225.

Meet FLCC Graduate Amanda “Jet” Meyer

Supervising the wetlands tour was Amanda “Jet” Meyer, joined by AFH Board Member Bonnie Garner and AFH support team member Victoria Zelin Cloud.

Special Visitors

Carter Remy, Founder and Owner of The Next Generation and You, stepped back from his table to chat with Emma McBride and her new baby.  

Climate Change and Mental Health Session

Dr. McBride, a psychologist representing Pachamama, enthusiastically shared insights on Climate Change and Mental Health.

Barefoot Permaculture Display

Long-time friend Patty Love, founder of Barefoot Permaculture, showcased native plants suited for wetlands, and offered valuable information on sustainable gardening.

Save the Frogs! Table

Just beyond Patty in the photo above, you can see our new volunteer Robin Blakesley at our SAVE THE FROGS! table.  We welcome her and her enthusiasm.

A Frog House Exhibit  

Before the rain hit, Jonathan Cloud took charge of our A Frog House table, featuring two books by Tom Biebighauser to emphasize our theme “Restoring Wetlands to Save The Frogs.” The poster is of me digging our frog pond, which hosted at least 15 frogs at one time the first year, but alas, it has sprung a leak!  Tom told me an inexpensive way I can repair it, which I must do immediately.

This is how our table looked when our new froggy friends came by to chat.

Engaging Activities

From games and puzzles to demonstrations, Volunteer Payton Carroll’s table offered a range of A Frog House activities, including a popular “fishing for trash” game highlighting the importance of waterway cleanliness.  

Creative Expressions

Boy Scout Troop 206 learning about Reptiles and Amphibians

Annika’s parents, Steve Brauksieck and Dr. Kristen Thornton pack leaders of Boy Scout Troop #206 have long been best friends with A Frog House. Kristen found  not one, but two, baby painted turtles in the extensive lawn space, a thrill for many to share.

After the show and tell was over, the scouts responsibly put the baby painted turtles down by the water.

Creative Expressions

Our art table, manned by Volunteers Maddy Ross and Iyanna Rogers,

provided opportunities for creativity and expression,

with a special edition of fired ceramic frogs generously donated by artist Bernard Greenwald.

Community Spirit

Despite the rain, Maddy and Iyanna remained steadfast at the art table, offering assistance and fostering creativity.

offering assistance and fostering creativity.

Crafts Corner

Kara Kotwas not only assisted tirelessly but also set up a frog craft table. Just beyond, under the red umbrella, are materials for beautiful professional origami frogs, fish and lilies made by AFH Volunteer Donna Richardson.

Kara was game when I decided to take the crafts out of the garage.  Maybe a bad idea, but it was so much more merry to dodge the drops and defy the dew. Here Kara’ friend Jen is helping out

Karaoke Fun

Remember the frog umbrella you saw two photos above? That was held by AFH Volunteer Aashwin Katiyar in the SAVE THE FROGS! shirt,.  He and AFH Event Manager Bonnie Abrams had a table featuring frog sounds, frog songs, informational materials, and a frog identification book.

This page pictures a Northern Leopard Frog, native to Western New York.  This photo credit belongs to Donna Silverman.

Puppy Love

AFH advisor Sara Lindsay Graham brought along her adorable puppies, Binky and Polly, who stole the show with their irresistible charm.

Artistic Endeavors

Lindsay was very proud of the Frog she is painting.

Her friend Anu Tanwar joined in the festivities with a matching pink raincoat.

Freddy the Frog

The best part of the day for me was a hug with the adorable hopping Freddy the Frog. My expression sums up every delight I experienced regarding each of our guests and volunteers.  

All the people pictured, and more not shown, put in hours and hours of volunteer work for you and the families of our area to learn about the importance of and experience frogs, snakes (and turtles) and wetlands.

Food, drink, materials and printing etc. cost more money than you would imagine.  Some guests were unable to or didn’t pay for their fun times on Save The Frogs Day.  Could you help them and us out?  

Please “Hug a Frog” today by donating now.