Save the Frogs Day Nature Symposium – April 25, 2020

Save the Frogs Day Nature Symposium 2019, when we learned about town and village events.
Pittsford Event, 2019

On April 25, the Save the Frogs Day Nature Symposium really happened! We learned the hard way last year that weather had complete control of outdoor event success on Save the Frogs Day, so this year we built in alternate locations. We joined with two other wonderful simultaneous closely related celebrations in Pittsford, for Earth Day and Arbor Day.  As all activities outdoors create difficulties weatherwise in any available space—even with limited shelter—Bill Smith, Town Supervisor, arranged separate indoor facilities. When the cost and means of promotion proved confusing to the unified approach, we independently prepared a four-hour symposium of remarkable presenters. A Frog House arranged promotion, planned for speakers’ needs and supplies, and we finally knew where we were going. And then COVID-19 hit.

Save the Frogs Day Nature Symposium transforms into a webinar

And yet the Save the Frogs Day event persisted!
Lovely but Lethal

You know what happened worldwide. Public gatherings were a threat to health, hospital, and cemetery capacity; and workplace survival. In the melee, we did what everyone has done: turned to Zoom! We suddenly became the Pittsford Nature Symposium WEBINAR. Our publicity was revised and punched up. Our website was updated. One of our presenters, Patty Love – a name she quickly earned with us – arranged the registration, speaker training, and technical set-up for a successful day.

The Big Day Arrives

When public gatherings aren't possible, a webinar may save the day.

And on Saturday, April 25, just as if had always been planned that way, our webinar began at 10 am.

Where snow and high winds made our event nearly impossible last year, unexpectedly warm and sunny weather thinned our desperate-to-get-out viewership a bit, but we still had a good-sized appreciative audience. The presentations were—with no exaggeration—perfect, every one of them. Skilled speakers. Engaging ideas and resources. Means of change,  Hope for the future. And we finished, as promised, at exactly 2 pm.

The entire symposium is posted below. So we can better acknowledge the presenters, content, and resources for action, we’ll also post the individual half-hour segments in upcoming blogs, as in my blog of June 11, Are Pesticides Safe?

Thank you for your support during all the turmoil. A Frog House people and peepers hope that you and yours are surviving the threats and changes, and that you’re observing the protocols that are finally driving the horrifying numbers of suffering and death down in many locations. We hope you enjoy the videos as they appear. We know that there are any number of good causes that are calling for your support, but if you can spare a little change for A Frog House, please donate here.

Save The Frogs Day Nature Symposium Webinar, April 25 @ 10:00 am – 2:00 pm.  A event with local, national, and international experts to help raise awareness about the importance of frog conservation and our environment.  It addresses

  • the science of extinction – how do we save all that remains and prevent further loss?
  • Area ecology, and ways local residents can support healthy life – lawn and garden techniques and recycling and composting
  • Wildlife and native plants – support for regional wetlands and education about local amphibian life


Part I – Inclusion and Sustainability videos

Part II – Business and Sustainability videos

  • 11:30 AM: Patty Love, Barefoot Permaculture “Frog and Pollinator Friendly Gardening”
  • 12 PM: Robert Putney, Impact Earth “Zero Waste in your own home, place of work, travel corridors”
  • 12:30 PM: Margot Fass, A Frog House “Why Frogs?”

Part III – Government and Sustainability videos

  • 1 PM: Sandra Frankel, The Genesee Land Trust “Legal interventions and activism to stop Wetlands destruction”
  • 1:30 PM: William Smith and Robert Corby, Town and Village of Pittsford “Action and Plans for Erie Canal Nature Preserve, the Erie Canal Arboretum and surrounding lands.”

“Margot, I thought it was such a great [Save the Frogs Day] Web Show today. It helped to inspire me that so many organizations are involved with saving our environment. I felt that the people you choose were so convincing and bright that I want to thank you for their insights and teaching and educating me about so many things. Each one was different and so compassionate about their work that I was so glad I focused on listening to this webcast. It was easy to access and that is so helpful. Thank you for your devotion. Thank you for your hard work. I really appreciate your love of our beautiful earth….”

**—Susan, owner of Susan Plunkett’s Fabulous Foods.