Every day is a birth day.

A mama frog of some species can lay as many as 20,000 eggs and fill a pond with tadpoles, so it’s pretty hard to nail a day to celebrate any single froggy’s birthday. I decided to share my birthday with every frog on the planet on Sunday, August 10, at A Frog House. It was a very good decision, and many thanks to Lindsay Graham for lending her lawn and her talent to making it happen so nicely.  (Schedule your own Froglet’s or Tadpole’s summer party at Contact Me)

Kids and their parents ran up the flowery steps from the Erie Canal, ready to play games, listen to frog songs, poetry and stories, make origami frogs and other critters, win and play with frog prizes, and eat delicious birthday cake. Cake thanks to Cheesy Eddie’s and Susan Plunkett!

The weather for this last summer event, quite unlike the snow, sleet and rain of our kick off date on Save The Frogs Day in April, was with us, bright and warm. The mayor of the Village of Pittsford, Rob Corby, and Bill Smith, Supervisor of the Town of Pittsford, both came to “recognize Margot for her drive and skills in engaging the entire community about the importance of frogs and habitat,” and to celebrate the work of A Frog House.

Local chanteuse, Bonnie Abrams, and Kingston, NY accordionist Matthew Fass, entertained with frog songs. Well-known poets, Bart White and Jennifer Maloney, read their fine and witty words, and Bart led the kids in a terrific, and finally hilarious, poetry workshop. Two storytellers, Judith Shenouda and I, read our children’s books to rapt little listeners. Origamists Professor Rem and Donna Richardson kept children busy for hours making easier and harder frogs. Photograph credit goes to Stephen Ransom and Lindsay Graham.  Katherine Denison

We have a faithful, but not exclusive, coterie of friends who also volunteered their help, and deserve a special shout out; Nick Hadad, the human sized frog, Pearl Brunt, Mary DeMatteo, Mary Moore, Stella Sciolino, Bear, TJ, Friends of Pittsford Village and Impact Earth.

It must be true the frogs enjoyed it, because I [thought I] could hear them singing from their perches in the garden and the canal’s edge. I hope they were as happy with our party as I was. Stay tuned for next year’s August 9th event, which actually falls on my 80th birthday!

PS.  While searching for a fiscal sponsor to provide me 501(c)(3) status, every nickel counts.  Please donate to a our efforts, which include 3 summer family events, and an annual Save The Frogs Day, Pittsford.  (April 25th, Nature Symposium, Save the Date: ) Talent and frogabilia are welcome as well.  Or reserve your items before I take them to Candlelight Night on December 3,  Metro Justice Fair on December 5 and 6!