A Frog House Letter from Your Founder

Wetlands are the home to 40 percent of the world’s species, they protect us from flooding, provide food and clean water, and play a crucial role in combating climate change. Photo by Tyler Butler on Unsplash

To A Frog House Members and Froggy Friends:

Our peppy board members, Sandra Frankel, Bonnie Garner, Jane Coggshall McConnochie and I are going forward with new energy to sculpt the outlines of A Frog House Year 2023 (our fourth since incorporating as a 501c3).  

We continue with a terrific consulting team of Bonnie Abrams, (Event Manager) Sarah Bissonnette-Adler (Artist, Organizer), Katherine Denison (designer, writer), Matthew Fass (website, technology support), and Kerry Kriger (founder of SAVE THE FROGS!, director of NonProfit ICU).

The good news is that we have consistently had the minimum of 33% of our revenues (52% in 2022) coming from our supporters every year, which is essential to maintain our 501(c)3 status. Thank you for helping your environment and frogs by helping A Frog House!

The rest has come from me, with enormous support from Advisors Lindsay Graham (social media and fundraising), and Rob Corby, 28 year mayor of the Village of Pittsford (overall knowhow, information and passion).

I can’t thank Advisor Bill Smith, Town of Pittsford Supervisor, enough, for planning the renovations required in the wetlands of the Erie Canal Nature Preserve, based on A Frog House wetland restoration presentation by Andy Smith, environmental scientist at Stantec on June 26, 2022.  

A Frog House (AFH) theme this year continues to be wetlands, because there is so much more to do. Our tentative calendar this year includes the following dates, but don’t mark your calendars yet, until we finalize details on our website.  

  • March 30: AFH Webinar or Radio Show: Getting wetlands restored in Pittsford and beyond, panel discussions of experts      
  • April 28: AFH celebration of Save the Frogs Day: Special guest speaker on the role of wetlands on climate change
  • May 7: AFH Community Project:  Getting our feet wet and pulling some invasive plants, planting some natives.  
  • August 6: AFH Froggy Birthday Party:  Games, fun, education, green ice cream and birthday cake.
  • October 10: AFH celebration of World Mental Health Day through wetlands visitation and restoration.  

We continue to raise money and recruit great volunteers for our ambitious plans this year.

You can help us carry on our work by becoming a member, donating money and volunteering your time.

We’d appreciate your help to complete the work at the Pittsford Village Arboretum, so please sign our petition.


Margot L. Fass, MD
Or text FROG to 585-733-0563

Tadpoles keep waterways clean by feeding on algae. Harmful algae and cyanobacteria, sometimes called blue-green algae, produce toxins (poisons) that make people and animals sick and adversely affect the environment. Photo by michela lommi on Unsplash