23. Ecuador Adventures and Frogs – El Crater Part 1

Mitad del Mundo monument in Ecuador, showing equatorial demarcation

23. Sunday, June 18th, To the Middle of the World

Aargh! Last night was our last frogging! How can I bear it?

Goodbye, Casa Divina jungle! Goodbye, Casa Divina forest! Goodbye, my special stream guides!

At 10:30 am we were at the circle to take the bus back towards Quito. We arrived at El Crater at the Pululahua Geobotanical Reserve. When we put our luggage in our rooms, we saw that one could view the landscape sitting at the head or foot of the bed. What a way to wake up!  There also was a great view from the other side, steadfastly guarded by an elegant llama.

Fortunately, the sun held out for us for the afternoon, although it was a little chilly. Our faithful bus driver took us to Mitád del Mundo. Faithfully, I took a photo (see yellow circle and yellow line) from the top of the monument, that I sent to my faithful husband. He was quick to point out (faithfully) the truth that the equator line is really not the equator.

So much for thoughts of fixing it: plans were stalled to rebuild the world’s tallest assembled structure (5,000 feet) 800 feet to the north to the ACTUAL equator, for a mere $250 million. Hopefully the architect, Rafael Viñoly, will be able to afford his life in New York without this contract; Ecuador is not a wealthy country.  

Most people don’t care and love to have their pictures taken on the current equator line anyway. Brian and Chris, and Katie and Michael apparently preferred the back of the monument.

We left at closing time with a few more souvenirs to take home.  By the time we got to El Crater, it was too late to get that stunning photo of the landscape sitting at the head or foot of the bed.