11. Ecuador Adventures and Frogs – Suchipakari Part VIII

Looking through tall trees to the river beyond on Anaconda Island

Monday, June 12th, The Art of the Wild and On to Our Next Stop

We had one more hike with Walter, Michael and Chelsea.  The itinerary said that it was strenuous, but by this time I was quite used to being pulled or pushed or loaned a shoulder or arm for balance.  In fact, since the helpers were all so wonderful, I rather enjoyed being one of the more dependent walkers on the trip.  Partly I lagged behind because there was so much to see and hear.  In a clearing before we got to a really steep part of the trail, I found  two anthills, about 10 feet apart.


Were there two different types of ants?  Was one an entrance and another an exit?  Did some other species construct or step o the one on the left?  The mysteries of nature!

Remember the blue morph butterfly on the “bridge to everywhere” in the photo on the blog 7. Ecuador Adventures and Frogs – Suchipakari Part IV – A Buggy Night? The outer or ventral sides of morph wings look like gremlins, but others call them owl butterflies. See if you can “spot it”(sic!).

The forest floor yields more beautiful colors and patterns with closer looks.

Even leaf litter has potential for gorgeous abstracts, and one leaf had a big daytime surprise.  My reason for being on the trip, and I didn’t remember having seen the creature of my dreams when I took the photo!

Then there are fungi.


And red  berries and flowers in the green foliage. The walk was as happy for me as Christmas!  

When we got to the top of the trail, we were rewarded with a beautiful view from the Mirador.

After lunch, the staff once again loaded all of our luggage into wheelbarrows or onto their shoulders and ran it down to the taxis. We had to walk, although hitching a ride in a wheelbarrow, by that time, was tempting. We went back across the bridge for the last time, transferred to the bus, and traveled to a landing at Puerto Ahuano, some miles away.

Francisco, owner of Anaconda Lodge, where we were going to stay, met us there. We took two motorized canoes again, loaded with suitcases, duffle bags, and backpacks, down the river to Anaconda Island. Once again staff helped to wheel the luggage from the landing to our respective guesthouses. After lunch we regrouped on the porch, where Francisco and his co-owner wife Silvia told us about themselves and the Lodge.  

For more about this colorful character Francisco, be sure to look for his story in my next frog-blog,# 12. Ecuador Adventures and Frogs, on this site,  next week.


Kerry Kriger, founder, has updated the SAVE THE FROGS! art contest website AND extended the deadline to December 10th. If all goes well, he even might let me help!