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Starting on May 1, A Frog House is open at least from 1 to 5 on Sundays, weather permitting. We would love to get a cadre of volunteers who would help out and/or substitute for our weekly event leaders, assisting in our 12 to 16 week educational curriculum about the environment and wetlands. Here is our tentative calendar for the spring and summer.

Sunday5/1/20221-5 PMSave the Frogs Day, Mapping with Dave Wills
5/8/20221-5 PMOpen Hours – Make a Toad AbodeMake a house for this garden helper
5/15/20221-5 PMOpen Hours – Why are wetlands important?Learn why wetlands are so important with a hands-on experiment
5/22/20221-5 PMOpen Hours – Fishing for trashLearn how to sort trash to reduce waste with this game
Saturday5/28/20221-5 PMScavenger Hunt
5/29/20221-5 PMTBD
6/5/20221-5 PMOpen Hours – & Birthday Party for Naomi & SophieMaking toad abodes, frog games
6/12/20221-5 PMOpen Hours – The Case of the Disappearing FrogsPlay detective and learn why frogs are disappearing
6/19/20221-5 PMOpen Hours – Creating a Frog Friendly EnvironmentLearn how to create a frog pond
Sunday6/26/20221-5 PMInvasives and Recommended Renovations with Andy Smith
7/3/20221-5 PMOpen Hours – Pollinator ActivityMake a pollinator mobile to learn about pollinators
7/10/20221-5 PMOpen Hours – Oil Spill ActivityLearn about the effects of oil spills on wildlife
7/17/20221-5 PMOpen Hours – Frog AdaptationsLearn about frog adaptations and how they help frogs survive
7/24/20221-5 PMOpen Hours – Natural vs. Invasive speciesLearn about the effects of invasive species on frogs and us!
Sunday8/7/20221-5 PMFroggy Birthday Party
8/14/20221-5 PMOpen Hours – Global WarmingLearn about global warming and ways to reduce our carbon footprint
8/21/20221-5 PMOpen Hours – Pond EutrificationLearn about how fertilizer and other chemicals affect pond life
8/28/20221-5 PMOpen Hours – Seed Ball ActivityMake native plant seed balls