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Social Media

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A Frog House has Instagram, A Frog House facebook page, a Frog facebook page, and A Frog House Group. We also try to put out a newsletter at least once a month, which we send out in briefer form on our mail service. And we like to keep up with and share from our favorite Amphibian and Environmental Groups.

We need someone to oversee all these, coordinate postings with our major and minor events, and keep a running source of material to serve those purposes.

If you don’t want to manage the social media, share your frog photos, art and videos stories, and even imaginative tales your kids tell, by joining and posting on A Frog House Group.  Please include credit to original authors, photographers, and artists. All content is reviewed before reposting to our two facebook pages, one more for fun, and the other more serious, educational or scientific.  With your contributions, we’ll make A Frog House Group hop!