The Bill to Ban Glyphosate on New York State Property was Signed Into Law by Governor Cuomo on December 23, 2020!

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Glyphosate is the weed killer more commonly known as Roundup. It’s used on food crops, sold for lawn and garden use commercially, and sprayed on public property like parks to control weeds.

However, it’s been proven to be a highly dangerous chemical and we need one final push to get it banned in public parks here in NY state.

Made by Monsanto, Glyphosate has been linked to cancer and other illnesses, and may even be contributing to the decline of honeybee populations. The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer formally classifies glyphosate as a probable carcinogen.

It’s on the way to being banned or phased out of use in over a dozen countries in the EU and around the world, including Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Brazil, and more.

Here in the US, it is restricted or banned in several states, but it’s still commonly used in agriculture, school lawns, and parks.
While we can’t ban its use completely yet, right now New Yorkers have a chance to ban it in our parks across the state.

Soon, bill Assembly A732b will cross Cuomo’s desk. This bill will ban the use of glyphosate on all state-owned property in New York State by December 2021. The bill has already passed both the State Senate and the Assembly, and now only needs Cuomo’s signature to be signed into law.

Sign our petition to send a clear message to the governor that we want safer parks and a greener New York.
Banning the use of glyphosate on public property would mean that parks and schools in New York would be free of a pesticide that harms people, pets, and wildlife.

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Sign and pass into law the bill Assembly A732b, banning the application of Glyphosate on state property.