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Wetlands Restoration With Tom Biebighauser

  • Tom Biegbighauser. Photo Credits, Unknown.

    Thanks to Mayor Plummer and the Village Board of Trustees, we are happy to welcome wetlands expert Tom Biebighauser to Pittsford Village Hall on April 18 when Tom will give a presentation on Restoring Wetlands to Save The Frogs.
    Frogs and other life forms (including humans) are entirely dependent on riparian wetlands.
    Wetlands play a vital role in supporting frog populations by providing essential breeding habitats, food resources, water availability, migration corridors, habitat connectivity, and ecosystem services. Conservation efforts aimed at preserving and restoring riparian wetlands are therefore crucial for the long-term survival of frog species and life worldwide.
    Tom teaches that when building a wetland, it’s crucial to identify and disable expensive high maintenance historic drainage features for success. Tom, through methodical research spanning centuries and hands-on experience with seniors in wetland draining, can identify over 50 signs indicating past wetland topography. His inexpensive techniques for restoration of more than 10,000 wetlands have proven highly successful, improving habitats for even rare species.
    Some think that wetland restoration is the single most important activity anyone can undertake for saving our environment and climate change.  Even having a small frog pond in your back yard can help!
    If you would like to see and hear Tom in person, seating at Village Hall is limited but still available.
    Or you may join by Zoom.  We will send the Zoom link on the day of the meeting.
    Tom also will lead a wetlands tour on Friday, April 19 at 3:30 pm.  Gather at the entrance to the Town Erie Canal Nature Preserve at the tow path, where we will be joined by important town and village leaders to see highlights Tom will point out along the way through the Preserve and on to the Village Arboretum and Wildlife Sanctuary.  Then we will schedule another meeting by zoom when he has put together his findings and recommendations for all to hear.
    This is why A Frog House is so excited about the upcoming visit from Tom. Please join us live or by zoom on April 18 and depending on registration numbers, his informative wetlands walk on April 19. Please register here:

    Save the dates

    Please mark your calendars for these upcoming events:
    • April 18 at 6:30 pm: Presentation by Tom Biebighauser at Village Hall
    • April 19 at 3:00 pm: Wetlands walk with Tom Biebighauser in Village Arboretum

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