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Ecological Design: Bringing it Home. Forest Gardens In A Nutshell Part 2

Ecological Design.  Learn how forests naturally provide food, fuel, fiber, fodder, fertilizer, “farmaceuticals,” and fun. A hands-on planting playshop with Patty Love, founder of Barefoot Ecological Design.

Come out to establish a brand new tiny edible forest garden with us! Join us for a hands-on, skill-building experience in edible forest gardening. Edible Forest Gardening (EFG) is an effective way to design home-scale gardens in our climate that mimic forest ecosystems. As you get your hands in the dirt, you will learn to transform a traditional lawn landscape into an abundant food-producing perennial forest garden. Participants will practice the skills needed to get started at their own home or expand the abilities of a gardening business.

This project is designed to preserve, encourage, and improve our declining species of insects, birds, frogs, native plants and trees, and eliminate invasive, non-native life and useless cultivars that bring no good for life itself.  If you want to learn in more depth about how just “pretty plants” are killing living beings, you can download the free course by Janet Allen called Caring For Our Piece of the Earth.

The principles of restoring wildlife corridors by reducing lawn space, reforesting or planting, permaculture, sustainability, ecosystems were well known by Native Americans.  Pride, greed, and ego have pretty much destroyed all that is natural.  Let us get back to our roots.

Forest Gardens In A Nutshell, Part 2
Sunday, May 23, 2021 1-5 PM

At A Frog House, 65 State Street 

Suggested donation: $50-125 sliding scale (hardship waivers available)
Limited to:10 participants, 10 observers.