Church of the Rock and Roll Frog

Painting of a red-eyed tree frog clinging to a flower green stem, against a red background

Little Froggie Rock StarWelcome to the Church of the Rock and Roll Frog where the Frog Circle-Cycle remains eternally Un-Broken and where the Frog Spirit Choir sings, chirps and peeps praises, hymns and psalms in bogs and lilyponds all over the globe! Frogs are love, and so are YOU!

When we think FROG (which some have translated as Fully Relying On God), we think water, the universal symbol of deep emotion, healing, baptism and many rites of passage, sacraments and rituals.

Each time a frog passes through one of its cycles (egg, tadpole, froglet, frog, etc.) s/he enters a state of liminality. “Thin time” or Samhain (Irish for “summer’s end) marks the New Year (10/31-11/1) in Celtic Lore, the ending and beginning of the Wiccan year, the midpoint between the autumnal equinox (one of two days of equal light and darkness) and the winter solstice, the shortest amount of daylight in a 24-hour period during the calendar year, and can often be for us a spiritual crisis of opportunity. Frogs remind of us to respect ourselves and each other for wherever we are in our life-cycle, as well as to honor ourselves and each other for whatever we release and welcome as we pass through liminal moments along the way.

Frogs are also ecological markers for the damage we are doing to the Planet, and the self-destructive direction we are heading in ourselves. Should Church celebrate Life, or focus on Death?or both? And/or about the liminal state between the two? One cannot, after all, have one without the other.death can bring gratitude,sustenance, cooperation, awe, an embrace of our Planet and each other, as well as reign down on us with terror and another kind of awe…that of a final, twisted and painful demise.

So, at some point in amphibial history, all the Froggies gathered and peacefully arrived at a squeegy consensus on a thing or two:

**Leaping, dancing, boogying, swimming, “cycling” through life are the organic response to human propensity to self- and eco-destruction. And No Other Way= NOW!!!

**Frogs rock, and in church we give. By helping Frogs, we are helping ourselves, so please give generously to Save the Frogs at

**Also, by liking, even loving frogs, we learn to love God, ourselves, and others. Please like the page You’ll feel good about everything all day.

**Little Froggy Rock Star Himself appreciates you!