35. Ecuador Adventures and Frogs – Española

Man in hat and sunglasses lying on a beach in Espanola, holding his chin in his hands

Saturday June 24th, Overboard with wet and dry landings.

Every day we went snorkeling (wet landings, jumping or falling overboard from the Zodiacs) at least once, sometimes twice. The joys of floating quietly or swimming with or against the ebb and flow of sea life were reawakened in me after 40 years since trying it in Jamaica.

Others had underwater cameras, but I only can mention the sea turtles, white tipped sharks, the many varieties of fish, large and small, dull and bright, that had far less interest in me as a species than I in them. However, it is possible that the sea turtles were having some fun with us, suddenly popping up very close by, behind, in front of, or on either side of our funny eyed, flippered, wet suited selves.

There was one playful sea lion that was worrying a long feather, grabbing it and then letting it go, over and over again. Another had a similar game with a large chunk of seaweed.

The saddest part of the snorkeling is seeing for myself the loss of coral life. Naysayers about climate change are the same the world over, like medical personnel who daily witnessed black lungs, but kept on smoking anyway.

Each day also brought one or two hikes (dry landings, stepping onto land from the Zodiac). Today brought a beautiful broad beach and a Sea Lion that unexpectedly and uncannily looked like a member of my own family.
This photo doesn’t show it, but the beaches are strewn with more resting lions. The hiking was difficult in a different way than on the mainland, most often very rocky and sometimes slippery.

There is an interesting interrelationship with sea lions, which attract flies and insects, and lizards, which eat them.

The walks also are occasionally blocked by Iguanas,









who, if not mating, are taking in the sights of their sunny and bright world.




The most common birds on the Islands are varieties of warblers, mockingbirds, frigates, hawks, boobies, pelicans, and albatross.

And what a view they get to enjoy!

Enrique kept us quite busy with information, swimming, walking,and hiking. Breaks for lunch, supper, rest and sleep were most welcome in the middle and at the end of the day.