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A Frog House

Open Sunday afternoons, 1 PM to dusk
May 1 through October 31 (weather and COVID-19 situation permitting).

Located near the Canal Tow Path of the Erie Canal in Pittsford, NY, behind 65 State Street

“You should be proud of yourself!” — John Bernacke

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Learn about our upcoming activities at A Frog House and our conservation efforts in the Town of Pittsford.

About Our Work

Honoring Life, One Frog at a Time

A Frog House, our magical little house on the Erie Canal in Pittsford, educates visitors about amphibian survival through recreational events and workshops for children and adults.

We work with local governments to protect wetlands and establish parks with ponds, and educate visitors about the impact of lawn and garden poisons on life itself.

We teach compassion and compassionate communication skills for the sake of all life, from frogs at the bottom of the food chain through homo sapiens at the top, by modeling responsible land and water use and maintenance.

When most people hear of frogs, they respond with amusement or curiosity.

They’re whimsical creatures, right?

It’s less commonly known that they have an essential role in maintaining ecological balance, and their diminishing numbers are a huge piece of the looming Sixth Extinction.

Frogs are at the bottom of the food chain….

…so their poisoning by pollution and chemicals, climate change, and the devastation of wetlands and habitat by mindless development mean that all the creatures that prey on them are disappearing as well—and up the food chain!

Let’s work together to honor life, one frog at a time.

Margot Fass’ Frog Blog

Nature’s Food Forests and How to Recreate Them in Public Parks


First Frogs in Our Own Backyard


Our Secret Gardens: Restoring the Soul of Pittsford, A Tall Order

This is my favorite scene in Schoen Place. I could photograph and paint it over and over again. (Photo: Margot Fass) A tiny prayer group, called Pittsford Pulse, was discussing The Secret Garden, by Frances Hodgson Burnett, a classic of English Children’s literature...

Pittsford Is Becoming Greener

A Frog House 2021 Events, all on Sundays except for February 25 Don't miss the fourth and final webinar on Thursday at 7 pm by A Frog House founder, Margot Fass, called "First Frogs in our own Backyard" in the Pittsford and Penfield Library series "Encouraging Nature...

A Frog House Achievements of 2020

Goodbye, 2020! A Frog House, although not open most of the time this year, was busily engaged advocating at the state and local levels, collaborating with friends and like minded community members, and educating through our A Frog House events as well as our blogs....

A Frog House: Many Hats on the Sam Patch

Being the stand-in educator on the Sam Patch required many hats. Juggler’s, Historian’s, Environmentalist’s, Activist’s, Geologist’s, Politician’s. No wonder my head is spinning. … Read more.

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What A Terrific Project and What A Lovely Location

We found you when I was walking by with my children and we were enchanted. What a terrific project and what a lovely location. You are doing good work here. Thank you for helping young people appreciate and value the animals, the environment, and through this, each other.

Sam Miller

A Frog House is a delight!

A Frog House is a delight! A magical place for children… and a reminder for adults to help support frogs (and every creature on our planet) today… for those children tomorrow. Thank you for all your good work!

Mark Shulman

Thanks for these uplifting updates

Thanks for these uplifting updates and for all you are doing! We are glad to hear that the Nature Symposium on April 25 is still happening online.

Evan Lowenstein, Communications and Membership Director, Rochester People's Climate Coalition

Thank you for your efforts on behalf of the natural world!

I certainly wish you the best and thank you for your efforts on behalf of the natural world!

David Bonter, Research Faculty, Office of Undergraduate Biology, Cornell University

Thank You!

THANK YOU for all your efforts on behalf of frogs!

Alan Pollock, MD Board of Directors San Fernando Audubon Society At-Home Project
National Wildlife Federation

I applaud your efforts

I applaud your efforts in putting together an event such as yours.

Daena Ford, President, Braddock Bay Raptor Research